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AKLF 2020
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“Very much a part of the cultural life of Kolkata.” -Sunil Gangopadhyay, Indian poet and novelist, and President of Sahitya Akademi
“Great audience!”
- Shashi Tharoor, author and politician
A mecca for book lovers, young and old
- Dr Karan Singh, philosopher, statesman
“Lovely books! Will bring my boys here.”
- Chetan Bhagat, best selling author
Books transform our world and the journey has a very special flavour. This journey I will remember for a long life...”
- Kapil Sibal, author and politician
“A lovable and proud heritage for Kolkata. I love it.”
-Mahasweta Devi, Bengali author and winner of the Jnanpith Award, 1996; Magasaysay Award for literature, 1997.
“Many thanks for welcoming me to Kolkata”
- Paul Theroux, American travel writer and novelist
“There is a certain atmosphere that strikes one the moment one enters”
- Alexander McCall Smith, Scottish writer





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